DuoTone Documentation

Vexus’s DuoTone Pro Photoshop Plugin, allows you to add a rich duotone effect to your design or images quickly, and without the need for large design templates or downloads. Each duotone effect is easy to apply, and visualise with our inline preview images.

How to install or update your plugin

Installing your Vexus plugin is super simple using Adobe's Creative Cloud application. We've got a handy guide posted below.

Download and unzip your Vexus plugin from the time of purchase. Once unzipped, double click the plugin .CCX file, which will launch your Creative Cloud application ready for installation.

Plugin Installation guide


DuoTone Interface version 1.0.3

We've designed DuoTone to have a simple to use plugin interface. This interface and how to guide below will help illustrate some of the features and options that are built into DuoTone Photoshop Plugin.

Further Information

Once you've successfully installed DuoTones into Photoshop, go to the plugin menu from within Photoshop and show your plugin panel to open DuoTones. Then start applying effects!

Basic usage example


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