Vexus announces it's next Photoshop Plugins coming soon.

Vexus announces it's next Photoshop Plugins coming soon.

We've been hard at work developing our brand, ethos and of course premium Photoshop Plugins. We're super chuffed we can finally show the world what we've been working on, and what we're working towards. 

With 2 new plugins announced, and the launch of DuoTone, our first free Photoshop plugin you can download today, our aim is to keep this pace going as we continue to design, develop, and grow.

Introducing LightLush

Add in-lens captured light hints to your images, and refine further by taking advantage of our non-destructive adjustment layer workflow to achieve a visually stunning image.

View LightLush



Introducing Glitch

Glitch, RGB, distortion and many more. All packed inside a feature-rich Photoshop plugin to give your images and designs that techno, dystopia look. Coming soon to Vexus.

View Glitch


Premium Photoshop Add-ons

Vexus Photoshop add-ons & plugins are custom-designed gems of functionality to help extend your creative design process, without the heavy download bandwidth that typical design templates and assets come with.

Handcrafted, time savers

Vexus Photoshop plugins are hand-coded from scratch, to create unique functionality, without the need to download endless gigabytes of templates and files to collect digital dust on your computer. All our premium plugins allow for small file downloads and install, and give you the dynamic ability to create unique effects, whilst not being restricted to large design templates or outdated Photoshop actions.

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