I built a Photoshop plugin for your clients - so you don't have to.

I built a Photoshop plugin for your clients - so you don't have to.

Bigger Logo Photoshop Plugin - A Photoshop plugin for your clients, so you don't have to | Product Hunt


I built a Photoshop plugin for your clients - so you don't have to. Introducing BiggerLogo Photoshop plugin. Finally you can impress your design clients and give them what they want.

BiggerLogo is a custom built Photoshop plugin to make your design job, so much easier.

Make the logo bigger.

Say's it all really. BiggerLogo will find your logo layer (has to be named "logo" and make it bigger. Much bigger. I'm talking client loving bigger.

Make it pop.

Struggling to impress your client with your amazing design talent, and years of experience as a professional designer? No worries, BiggerLogo can add just the right amount of "pop" to your design so your client will fall in love with your design and approve it instantly. Clients love this one. 

Create Invoice.

After you've got your amazing new design all sorted, BiggerLogo can automatically create your invoice to send over to your now super happy client, so you'll get paid 10x times quicker. Guarantee or your money back.

Custom built

Here's a photo of some Javascript we wrote to make this plugin look cooler than it is. You can show your client this, tell them it's powered by AI to make yourself look even f#&*ing cooler.

Download BiggerLogo for free

BiggerLogo is totally free to use. I hope it brings much happiness to the designer community and your clients. All I ask is you share this around with your friends.

Also please check out my legit premium Photoshop plugins like Glitch($19) and DuoTones(free). I've spent countless hours building those plugins and this website. Any support you can show would be super amazing and give me the motivation to keep going!

Supports Photoshop 23.5.0+ UXP with Adobe subscription

Download Bigger Logo

*Disclaimer: Whilst I did really building this Photoshop plugin, it was just for fun. If you get angry about this plugin, please share your anger on twitter, right now I'd just love any attention on social media. If this warms your heart, please share it with your friends and check out my premium Photoshop plugins. I totally just SEO'd the shit out of that last line. #winning.

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