DuoTone Photoshop plugin now available for free download

DuoTone Photoshop plugin now available for free download

To help celebrate the launch of Vexus, we've released our first Photoshop plugin and made it freely available to download for free.

Vexus’s DuoTone Pro Photoshop Plugin, allows you to add a rich duotone effect to your design or images quickly, and without the need for large design templates or downloads. Each duotone effect is easy to apply, and visualise with our inline preview images.

DuoTone Photoshop plugin - automate your duotone effects

Jam packed with 30 DuoTones

Packaged in one easy-to-install Photoshop plugin, DuoTone includes 30 unique colour maps to add to your images. View pre-made previews within the add-on to visualise what each effect will look like before applying to your artboard or image.

The quickest way to add DuoTones to your images

Select from 30 predefined DuoTone effects to apply to your images. Stack effect and continue editing with our non-destructive use of adjustment layers. Add a grunge texture effect to every effect to get an even gritter look for your images and artwork.

What are you waiting for?

Go grab a copy of DuoTone and start creating some amazing imagery or designs with this jam-packed, creative tool for Photoshop.

Download DuoTone Free

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