Vexus Photoshop plugins are hand-coded from scratch, to create unique functionality, without the need to download endless gigabytes of templates and files to collect digital dust on your computer. All our premium plugins allow for small file downloads and install, and give you the dynamic ability to create unique effects, whilst not being restricted to large design templates or outdated Photoshop actions.

Binary PNG design assets
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Free DuoTone Photoshop Plugin

M1 Mac Ready.

Tested and developed on the M1 Mac, all Vexus Photoshop plugins will install and run natively in Photoshop, giving you the best performance and reliability when you need it most.

Mac M1 Ready
Mac + Intel compatible

  • Handcrafted.

    Every Vexus Photoshop plugin or design asset is built and coded by hand to produce the most unique and creative plugin line-up available online.

    Custom built
    Photoshop Plugins

  • Photoshop v23+

    All Vexus plugins will stay relevant to the Photoshop development release cycles and always support the latest versions of the software.

    Compatible with
    Latest version